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CALL IN (504) 556-9696

Liberty or Lockdown

Welcome to Liberty or Lockdown. Huck and Dave discuss current events. Today’s guest is Sharon Bolan with Sharon Bolan Ministries out of Dallas Ministries talks about Pastor Robert Morris resigning from Gateway. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/investigations/robert-morris-resigns-gateway-church-child-sex-abuse-allegation-rcna157806

Welcome to Liberty or Lockdown with Huck & Dave, Huck and Dave discuss some current political issues going on around the nation.

  Liberty or Lockdown welcome Dr. Joh Merryfield Dr. John Merrifield Economist and Author of A Fiscal Cliff, School System Reform, How and Why a Price-less Tale, Atcostmetals.com, Huck and Dave talk current events. We are always grateful for www.LACAG.ORG and Christopher Alexander for advocating for the Citizens of Louisiana. Atcostmetals.com email Huck@wgso.com , referral code atcostmetals222. www.wgso.com www.LibertyorLockdown.Live

Tonight, on Liberty or Lockdown BREAKING NEWS: Trump convicted of all 34 counts.  The New York Times headline reads Convicted on All Counts to Become America’s First Felon President. Except for the fact that we do not know what crimes Trump has committed. No one knows what his crimes were. Trump may be eligible for… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN-MAY 30, 2024

Liberty or Lockdown with Huck & Dave talk everything politics…….

Liberty or lockdown with Huck and Dave discuss local politics along with special guest co-host Holy N’ Patriotic Jambalaya’s own John Swisher. Huck and Dave talk about current events with Flaming Conservatives and callers. atcostmetals.com memberships are $399 for 18 months; email Huck@wgso.com Women’s Republican Club of New Orleans luncheon Friday, May 17, 2024, Vincent’s Italian 4411 Chastant… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN MAY 16, 2024

Welcome to Liberty or Lockdown with Huck and Dave. Huck & Dave discuss politics on a local and national level Susie Labry also joins Huck & Dave and she gives updates from the state capital. She also gives updates on some house bills that are being passed. Also…. On May 9, 2024, Liberty or Lockdown… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN -MAY 9, 2024

Welcome to Liberty or Lockdown Huck and Dave welcome Cade Brumley and Christopher Alexander from LA CAG

Welcome to Liberty or Lockdown Huck & Dave talk everything political! Huck and Dave talking current events. Lindsey Valenti for 24th Judicial Judge, Election Day Saturday April 27, 2024. https://www.voteforvalenti.com/ Studio guest Kerry Lauricella with 1(800) REPAIRS for trusted local and National Home and Auto Repairs.

Welcome to Liberty or Lockdown with Huck & Dave. Huck and Dave discuss politics on a local and national level.