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CALL IN (504) 556-9696

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Today on Chew On This, Sponsored by The Plant Gallery and Chronos,  Don Clement and Patty B talk to Evan Roder, Musical Director and Orchestra Conductor of the production of Wicked currently at the Saenger Theater. Allen in Seattle called with a GREAT idea for making a stock in a crock pot!

Conversations with Ron Richardson Welcomes mental health Advocate Anthony Germade. Anthony will be discussing issues concerning mental health and drug addiction www.karmanlinelearning.com for more information.

TODAY MITCH TALKS ABOUT: Who’s going to be in the College Basketball Final Four? If Geogia beats Alabama, they’ll be in…; Michigan and Florida States are also possibilities, as well as Oregon and Washington. Also… Who are the Candidates for the Heisman Trophy? And…. What Bowl will LSU be playing at and Who will they… Continue Reading BREAKFAST WITH THE BAYOU BENGALS- DECEMBER 2, 2023

Tonight, on Holy N Patriotic Jambalaya Martha Huckaby guest host tonight with Susie Labry and Christy Hike talk about the current state of government in Louisiana.

Join Mitch Gibbs for In the Redzone as he discusses the upcoming Saints game against the Detroit Lions this Sunday. Mitch’s guest will include Bryan Salmond from KSVN Vegas, Guerry Smith with The Advocate, and Glenn Guilbeau with www.outkick.com  Each of these guests will be giving us their thoughts on the Matchup between the two… Continue Reading IN THE RED ZONE – DECEMBER 1, 2023

Today on The Food Show – Special guest Executive Chef Corey Thomas from restaurant August, tells us about the special December Lunches available at August .https://www.restaurantaugust.com/ Mary Ann gives her personal review of their lunch today at August, and what a fantastic experience it was!    

Today on The Kristian Garic Show: Christmas spending is projected to be down this year. Yet further proof that Bidenomics is not working. Preview of Saints vs Lions Sean Fizande, Fox 8 Sports Anchor weighs in This mysterious dog virus.  Doesn’t it sound a lot like COVID.  Who’s benefiting from this story? Contributor Drew Robinson

CONGRESSIONAL CONTACT FORM TO SUPPORT AM RADIO: https://p2a.co/fTcWN8G TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Most believe DeSantis won the debate with Newsom last night Reports that HAMAS has killed 10 month old babies Admiral Kirby saying it is essential to add money to Israel, Far East, and Ukraine in one bill MTG re-introduces articles of impeachment on Majorkas… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – DECEMBER 1, 2023

Tonight, on The Jack Clegg Show Jack will discuss two issues. The Biden Campaign purchases over 800,000 votes and The department of justice now knows who liked, followed, and re-tweeted Trump.

Huck welcomes her two special visitors Founder of Louisiana Conservatives Christy Haik, and National Committee Women Lenar Whitney talking on censorship, the corruption on both sides, and the road to recovery.