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Tonight, on The Jack Clegg Show Jack will discuss two issues. The Biden Campaign purchases over 800,000 votes and The department of justice now knows who liked, followed, and re-tweeted Trump.

Huck welcomes her two special visitors Founder of Louisiana Conservatives Christy Haik, and National Committee Women Lenar Whitney talking on censorship, the corruption on both sides, and the road to recovery.

Today on The Food Show, Mary Ann talks with Catherine Blondiau, queen of the Plaquemines Parish Orange Festival this weekend  https://www.orangefestival.com/

Today on The Kristian Garic Show, Kristian is live from Rivershack in Gretna https://rivershackgretna.com/ Joe Biden has a new title for Donald Trump, listen to him stammer his way through another odd press conference. Kamala Harris’ interview goes off the rails. The newly elected Louisiana attorney general, Liz Murrill, will prosecute some New Orleans Cases. Special… Continue Reading THE KRISTIAN GARIC SHOW – NOVEMBER 30, 2023

CONGRESSIONAL CONTACT FORM TO SUPPORT AM RADIO: https://p2a.co/fTcWN8G TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Gavin Newsom – Ron DeSantis debate tonight Nikki Haley being courted by major donors on Wall Street Louisiana election system cannot be audited, can only recount the absentee ballots Voter Rolls in Louisiana in horrible shape Nikki Haley for Trump’s VP  – what do… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – NOVEMBER 30, 2023

Welcome to He Said, She Said with host Jeff and Mimi Crouere! On tonight’s show, Jeff and Mimi discuss 1) Prosecutor Jack Smith has been investigating President Trump’s Twitter account, as well as every American who “liked” one of his tweets 2) Presidential Debate Commission may not hold debates next year. Neither the DNC nor… Continue Reading HE SAID, SHE SAID – NOVEMBER 29TH, 2023

Welcome to the Cynthia Clark Show with host Cynthia Clark. On today’s show, Learn how simple it is to eat healthy and clean courtesy of @chazziemarie Chazzie Williams owner of @eathealthyportions. Then @colorfulbeautifulclark is our Co-host today. Clark Gregory is a New York celebrity imaging and lifestyle consultant, recognized by multiple national magazines over the decades shares valuable Personal… Continue Reading THE CYNTHIA CLARK SHOW – NOVEMBER 29TH, 2023

Today on The Food Show, Mary Ann Fitzmorris talks with Allyson Caire from Caire Restaurant Supply, with suggestions for Christmas Gifts for the person who loves to cook https://cairesupply.com/

Today on The Kristian Garic Show The U.N wants Americans to stop eating meat. Target continues the woke crusade. Kristian’s weekly visit with Red State.com A staggering number of black voters are bailing on Joe Biden in favor of Donald Trump.

CONGRESSIONAL CONTACT FORM TO SUPPORT AM RADIO:https://p2a.co/fTcWN8G TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Rosalynn Carter laid to rest Americans still being held hostages, another group set to be released today Biden documents show over 700 email aliases Congress considering aid to Israel Washingington DC spent big money to paint “Black Lives Matter” on their streets Fox pushing debate… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – NOVEMBER 29, 2023