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Today on The Kristian Garic Show: Joe Biden has some cringe worthy Jewish American Heritage comments.  Remember how he grew up in a black church?  Well now he claims he’s Jewish.  Despite touting his Irish heritage. Don’t miss Guest, Chase Spears, and what he has to say about the current state of the country.

Today on The Jack Clegg Show: Persuading voters Newsom? Troops to Ukraine Gender Law

CONGRESSIONAL CONTACT FORM TO SUPPORT AM RADIO:  https://p2a.co/fTcWN8G TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Last day for Cohen’s testimony in the Trump Trial Media shocked that Cohen stole $30K from Trump organization Latest on the re-districting map, who will run against Cleo Fields? Biden’s speech at Moorehouse draws criticism Boeing has another problem, passenger killed on Singapore Airlines… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – MAY 21, 2024

6:30 p.m. JOSH BERNSTEIN, TALK SHOW HOST AND COMMENTATOR; RINGSIDE POLITICS ALL-STAR PRE-ORDER JOSH’S BOOK ON AMAZON   Topics: Michael Cohen Lied and Stole Money from Trump Debates Set; Will Democrats Try to Dump Biden? ICC Seeks Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu President of Iran Killed in Helicopter Crash; Chance for Freedom President Zelenksy Wants to… Continue Reading RINGSIDE EVENING – MAY 20, 2024

Today on The Food Show with Mary Ann Fitzmorris, we will hear about lunch at the Chimes, a terrific salad, a fried catfish platter, and Italian Salads.  All delicious Dinner at Las Cruces Tex Mex on Labarre Rd, https://lascrucestexmex.com/behind the Dollar Tree and Planet Fitness off Airline Drive.  Hard to get to, but well worth… Continue Reading THE FOOD SHOW – MAY 20, 2024

Today on Real Talk Revolution, your hosts Effie Chaisson, https://therevolutionrealty.com/user/effie-chaisson/ Jordan Gerard,https://www.yourmortgageourmission.com/ and Nikki D https://dorignacs.com/talk about all things real estate, insurance, and real life.  Today, they will be talking about: privacy issues when showing houses, how many houses are enough to see in one day? Should realtors normalize their hours?      

CONGRESSIONAL CONTACT FORM TO SUPPORT AM RADIO:https://p2a.co/fTcWN8G TOPICS OF INTEREST: https://time.com/5936036/secret-2020-election-campaign/ TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Michael Cohen’s last day of prosecution testimony What do you think the verdict will be? VP candidates auditioning over the weekend – JD Vance, Marco Rubio, both on TV this weekend Biden gives commencement address at Moorehouse College, some students turned their… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – MAY 20, 2024

TODAY ON UNCLE JACKIE’S GUMBO: We interview and hear Louisiana’s Premier Blue’s Guitarist, Mr. Jeff Chaz… And… we’ll be periodically cutting to our roving reporter in the field ( actually in a Kayak on Bayou St.John, enjoying Bayou Boogaloo)!!! Plus a little discography on some New Orleans Classics…

Ms. Kara Johnson of  The Cook Shop is being interviewed by Mr. Don… Don ask her how did she get into the seasoning business. Her Grandmother had a restaurant in the French Quarter; a normal Creole Restaurant who served the river workers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her spices are only 2 percent sodium, the flavor… Continue Reading CHEW ON THIS – MAY 18, 2024

Jeff discusses the Trial of Former President Trump, the Presidential Election, and the ever changing demographics of the Black American Vote.