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Written by on March 7, 2024

ER physician in Texas for 30 years.
Trauma Instructor of ER physicians.
First successful COVID protocol for both early and late stages of Covid-19 using inhaled Budesonide. Silver Bullet Protocol was validated by Oxford University. Over 90% COVID Hospitalizations, ER visits and Urgent Care Visits prevented according to Oxford University STOIC RCT.  Millions of lives were saved. Added to India and Australia government COVID treatment protocol. STOIC TRIAL, PRINCIPLE TRIAL, TOGETHER TRIAL, Budesonideworks.com .
Texas Senate HHS expert testimony on
1.Early Successful COVID treatment.
2.Lessons Learned from the COVID pandemic. Whistleblower of dangerous Hospital COVID protocols.
Won a lawsuit which defended prayer and worship in the private workplace. ACLJ provided legal services at Bartlett’s expense of $100k.  Bartlett won a Summary Judgment defending every American’s Constitutional Religious Freedom. Federal Judge Lucius Bunton presided.
Sued Aetna and stood up for his patients!!! Aetna refused life-saving care to Dr. Bartlett’s sick and injured patients. Bartlett provided the care at his own cost against Aetna’s wishes. Bartlett endured waves of frivolous attacks against his medical license in retaliation for providing the life-saving care.  Aetna denied reimbursement for legitimate emergency care. In 1999, Bartlett’s individual suit was forced to join  a national class-action RICO Racketeering suit against Aetna.  The class-action was filed in Mississippi federal district court charging Aetna with limiting referrals to specialists, denying reimbursement for legitimate emergency care, and usurping sound clinical and medical standards while imposing harsh financial sanctions against doctors challenging their rulings. The Aetna Racketeering suit was moved to the court of Miami Federal Judge Federico Moreno in 2002.  Aetna settled $470 million before a trial would bring public awareness. Consequently, the State of Texas fired Aetna as the State employee insurance. Bartlett didn’t get paid a dime of the $200k Aetna owed his small town family practice, but Aetna’s shady business practices were exposed and busted. Aetna signed a 32 page Agreed Order with Texas Attorney General Cornyn agreeing to not do Texans wrong in the future.
His excellence in medical care for underserved areas came to the attention of Governor Rick Perry who appointed Dr. Bartlett to the newly formed Texas Health Disparities Taskforce.  The Taskforce members served as subject-matter experts and as an advisory body, providing recommendations to the Governor to increase the quality of care for all Texans.  Originally a two-year appointment, Dr. Bartlett was asked to remain on the task force for seven years and received a Meritorious Service Award from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.
Dr. Bartlett serves as an Executive Board Member of Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. PHMPT sued the FDA for the Pfizer shot data and won!!
Dr. Bartlett is on the Board of Freedom Coalition of Doctors for Choice. FCDC sued CDC for V-Safe COVID data and won!
Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Center Doctor in West Texas for COVID. Infused 1000 patients/month. TDEM project.
International Medical Missions Director of World Missions Alliance. Author of
1. Journey of a Medicine Man
2. The Doctor’s Travel Journal.
County Medical Society President for four consecutive terms.
CBS Medical Expert 23 years.
TalkRadio Medical Expert KCRS 550 AM  & KWEL 1070AM West Texas
Texas Medical Association
   2.  Blood and Tissue Usage Committee
   3.  Ethics Committee
Past Medical Director of private and public Ambulance services, Home Health Agencies, Hospice and Nursing Home. Past County Health Officer and Rural Health Clinic supervising physician.
Past Board Member and Vice President of Head Start, Odessa Texas.
In God we trust,
Martha Huckabay