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Liberty or Lockdown

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Huck and Dave discuss current events, Legislative candidates, Trump Indictment’s, and Bidennomics. Today’s guest Christopher Alexander with www.LACAG.org discusses the repercussions of RS 17:439.1S. These two laws will require Businesses and school districts to follow CDC & LDH guidelines if a public health emergency is implemented.

08/24/23   Huck and Dave talk politics from a Christian perspective.   EPOCH TIMES Senior Editor Jan Jekielek talks with The Author of the Marxifiscation of Education James Lindsy in regards to Trump indictments.   James Lindsay: The Real Strategy Behind the Trump Indictments | ATL:NOW | EpochTV (theepochtimes.com)   Today on Liberty or Lockdown… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN- AUGUST 24,2023

Liberty or Lockdown and special guest Gubernatorial candidate John Schroder. join Huck and Dave as the discuss John Schroders candidacy!http://www.johnschroder.com

Huck and Dave talk politics. Twelve candidates qualified for Governor on Tuesday John Schroder, Sharon Hewitt, Jeff Landry. Senator Sharon Hewitt and TLa Treasurer John Schroder both believe that the State Republican party endorsement for Jeff Landry was premature. Attorney Hunter Lundy, Treasurer John Schroder, and former Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson became the first three… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN AUGUST 10, 2023

Special Guest Christopher Alexander, founder of WWW.LACAG.ORG, will update our listeners on Conservative victories in the Louisiana House and Senate. What next session will look like? What can we do to have more victories like HB648? Conservatives are protecting the children from what Govenor John Bell Edwards and the Democratic party call “Gender Affirming Care” In… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN- AUGUST 3, 2023

230727 Lor L show Liberty or Lockdown Live is celebrating its fourth year in August 2023! I personally want to thank my CO Host Dave for all the TECH work he does behind the scenes managing our website WWW.LIBERTYORLOCKDOWN.LIVE and for hanging in there with me as a truth speaker. HB648 passed to protect our children. Jack… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN- JULY 27, 2023

Welcome to Liberty or Lockdown with Huck & Dave. Tonight, Dave discusses Louisiana veto override session results and President Biden and the supreme court ruling and crime in Los Angeles. Dave also talks about the international conference on creationism. Go to http://www.libertyorlockdown.live

Welcome to Liberty or Lockdown with Huck and Dave. Huck and Dave Interview Candidate SOS Brandon Trosclair. To learn more about Brandon Trosclair, go to http://www.LetsGeauxBrandon.Net

Today on Liberty or Lockdown with Huck & Dave Special guest Kristen Wolverton Musician, teacher, and Mom. You can listen to her song affected specimen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMW0wYC299o She helped write the lyrics to three albums. The groups name was the Recipe base pout of Morgan town West Virginia.

Welcome to Liberty or Lockdown with Huck and Dave Susie Labry will be calling in with a Legislative update.