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Liberty or Lockdown

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Huck and Dave have a conversation with Pastor Devin Oneal regarding Israel, Palestine, and biblical prophesies. Disclaimer: This is NOT an anti semitic show. Nor are we an anti Muslim show. Today’s Host and guest are Christians, and they love all of Gods people. We are opening the conversation up to Jewish, Muslim, and Christian… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN- NOVEMBER 9, 2023

 Today on Liberty or Lockdown Huck and Dave talk current events. Dr. John Merrifield Author of School Reform How and Why a Price Less Tale, Fiscal Cliff, Unproductive School Choice Debates.

Huck and Dave Interview Dr. John Merrifield Author of Scholl System Reform How and Why a Price-Less Tale, A Fiscal Cliff, Restoring America’s Fiscal Constitution. Congratulations to  Jeff Landry, Lt. Governor Bill Nungesser, AG Liz Murill, Nancy Landry SOS, John Fleming LA Treasurer, John Merrifield, President       John 6:6, John, the Economist IOPA | Institute… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN- OCTOBER 19, 2023

Huck and Dave on elections two days before elections in Louisiana. Martha Huckabay’s Candidates. John Schorder for Governor, Bill Nungesser FOR LT. Governor, Brandon Trosclair FOR Louisiana Secretary of State, Scott McNight FOR LA. Treasurer and endorsed by LA. Treasurer John Schroder and Attorney General Liz Murill is the establishment’s favorite, which is concerning. She… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN- OCTOBER 12, 2023

Welcome to The Jack Clegg Show tonight we are going to recognize the greatness of legendary football player Dick Butkis Who passed away tonight at 80 years of age. Also we are going to discuss what it means to be middle aged. Jack Nancy Pelosi being evicted from her office also. The Army Navy Football… Continue Reading JACK CLEGG SHOW- OCTOBER 5, 2023

  LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN talks about politics, elections, and Amendments. Rep. Ray Garafalo candidate for Senate District 1 https://votegarofalo.com/  Mayor Tim Kerner candidate for Senate District 8 https://www.timkernerjr.com/

Huck and Dave talk about Biden inquiry into impeachment. Where is Katie Hobbs Governor of Arizona? It appears Katie Hobbs is missing. The Arizona State Treasure Kimberly Yee release a letter stating that she was asked to step in. https://www.theblaze.com/news/kimberly-lee-acting-governor-arizona Today’s guest is Mike Sigur Candidate for House of Representative District #92. www.wgso.com 5 PM www.LibertyorLockdown.Live

Huck and Dave talk about imminent threats of Lockdowns. Jefferson Parish city council Jennifer Van Vranckin said. “we will never have lockdowns again”. She said “we will never have mask mandates again.” Scott Walker isn’t being honest with the voters of Jefferson Parish. Scott Walker is for Lockdowns, Scott Walker is for Mask mandates, and… Continue Reading LIBERTY OR LOCKDOWN- SEPTEMBER 21, 2023

Join Huck and Dave on Liberty or Lockdown as they discuss everything political. Huck and Dave talk with Scott Presler social media influencer, Dr. Frank on election integrity, and candidate for Jefferson Parish City Council.

Join Huck & Dave for Liberty or Lockdown as they discuss everything political in the state of Louisiana. Huck & Dave will also discuss the current Gubernatorial candidates who are running for election. Dave gives his views on Christianity and the bible.