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Health Connection

Welcome to Health Connection with WGSO host Susan Bernecker. On today’s show Susan welcomes Bobi Beverly wellness practitioner, who will be bringing us an exciting modality of wellness and anti-aging topics. A patch that can heal and activate the peptides in our body. Particularly the GHC Copper peptides that activate our body to produce its… Continue Reading HEALTH CONNECTIONS-APRIL 19, 2024

Welcome to Health Connections with Susan Bernecker on WGSO 990 AM and streaming worldwide on WGSO.com. Nurse Practitioner and Naturopathic Doctor of Integrative Health Clinic will be our guest to speak about a holistic approach to wellness. Using bio-identical hormone therapy and as an ordained minister helps incorporate a spiritual aspect of wellness into your… Continue Reading HEALTH CONNECTIONS- APRIL 12, 2024

Welcome to Health Connections with WGSO host Susan Bernecker. Today on Health connections Susan welcomes guest Doctor Julie Gatza. Doctor Gatza drops in WGSO to talk to our listeners about seasonal allergies and the connection with our digestive system. The two systems are very much intertwined. Before you run to the store for medication, this… Continue Reading HEALTH CONNECTIONS- APRIL 5, 2024

Ms. Susan Bernecker’s Guests is: Dr. Kashi Rai, Doctor of Integrative Functional Medicine; she does a wrap up on the Immune Booster, Annatto E; she will also discuss Melatonin. We will explore the many marvelous ways to use melatonin other than a sleep aid. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and everything springs from there; many… Continue Reading Health Connection March 22,2024

Today on Health Connections, with Susan Bernecker, Susan will be discussing different issues that affect our health. This Fridays show will cover Immune System and immune enhancers more unusual than normal Immune boosters we are all familiar with for example: Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, etc. We’ll learn how to incorporate new immune boosters into… Continue Reading HEALTH CONNECTIONS- MARCH 15, 2024

Today on Health Connections on WGSO 990 AM with host Susan Bernecker Susan will be discussing the benefits, forms and confusion concerning CBD and its differences. Today’s guest is Kelly Gallager Registered nurse and CBD expert. go to http://kelley2020.greencompassglobal.com for more information.

Welcome to Health Connections with host Susan Bernecker. On today’s show Susan will interview Udo Erasmus, nutrition expert and author. His pioneering work in health & wellness started over 40 years ago. A prominent voice of the healthy fats movement he actually raised the manufacturing standards of food oils. Accomplished author of several books like… Continue Reading HEALTH CONNECTION – MARCH 1, 2024