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CONGRESSIONAL CONTACT FORM TO SUPPORT AM RADIO:https://p2a.co/fTcWN8G TODAYS HOT TOPICS Zelensky back in US asking for more money Democrats concerned about Ukraine’s border, what about OUR border? New Poll says 3 out of 4 Americans believe we are becoming a police state Poland backing away from support of Ukraine 12 increases in interest rates since… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – SEPTEMBER 22, 2023

Paul’s daily business report, state budget concerns, the ongoing lawsuit to stop clemency for death row inmates and the toxicity between the mayor and city council.

Today on The Kristian Garic Show: Joe Biden tells more lies about the kitchen fire in his home. Peter Doocy grills the WH on Joe Biden’s age and wait until you hear the response. Kristian visits with Scott Walker Jefferson Parish Council at Large.

Welcome to Paul Hurd’s Louisiana Live. Tonight, Paul talks the current state of the Stock Market

Today on The Food Show, Mary Ann talks to Joe Robertson, VP for Marketing and Advertising for Blue Bell Ice Cream. https://www.bluebell.com/ Mary Ann reviews dinner last night at Cafe Lynn in Mandeville https://www.cafelynn.com/

  HOT TOPICS Peter Doocy finally asks Biden about Hunter’s business dealings Democrats seeing the Trump Train gathering steam Steve Konos parody of the week Trump Indictment Louisiana Governor’s qualifying candidates RADIO SHOW GUESTS 8:33 a.m. CT: (Floating) Harry Crocker; Author; Robert E. Lee on Leadership: Lessons in Character, Courage, and Vision 9:05 a.m. CT: … Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – AUGUST 10, 2023

Today on Chew on This, Don Clement and Patty B welcome Camille Whitworth, from NOLAdrinklab https://drinklabnola.com/contact-us/ Camille is “The Cocktail educator of New Orleans”  Learn to make the Ramos Gin Fizz, Sazeracs, and more.  After learning to mix drinks, have dinner at the Baroness Craft Cocktail lounge  Baroness on Baronne – Downtown, New Orleans, LA (baronessnola.com)… Continue Reading CHEW ON THIS – JULY 22, 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Sound of Freedom contiues to soar at the box office You Tube pulling reviews and interviews for Sound of Freedom for violating community guidelines Trump town hall last night said media is not reporting the number of deaths in Ukraine accurately Miranda Devine blew the lid off the cushy plea deal Hunter… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – JULY 19, 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS IRS whistleblowers to testify at the House tomorrow Polls showing Trump in good shape Carvill says getting Trump elected with be a threat to constitutional order Sound of Freedom continues to win at the box office Obama defends LGBTQ+ books in children’s section of libraries RFK comments concerning corona virus could be… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – JULY 18, 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Mike Pence is toast after Tucker Carlson interview Trump says he will end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours if elected Cocaine caper done?  Kirby brushes off investigation, no idea Kerry on the way to China to engage in climate diplomacy Gellen says aid to Ukraine is the best thing we… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – JULY 17, 2023