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CALL IN (504) 556-9696

Today on The Food Show, Mary Ann discusses different types of steak houses when eating with a budget. In the 2nd hour, she is joined by the LRA’s Communication Director Wendy Waren to for Restaurant Week New Orleans!

San Francisco is headed for the gold medal in woke olympics declares trasgender sanctuary city.  YIKES!  It’s fathers day weekend, why does the U.S lead the world in fatherlessness?  Plus, Joe Biden at a high stakes G-7 summit.  What could possibly go wrong? Guests include: Paul Facione – Owner of Diaster Masterz Adrian Bruneau –… Continue Reading THE KRISTIAN GARIC SHOW – JUNE 13, 2024

Today on The Jack Clegg Show: Russian ships off the coast of Florida and America’s role as world police in matters that don’t affect citizen’s quality of life.

 Podcast Ranked #2 in State   https://blog.feedspot.com/louisiana_political_podcasts/ CONGRESSIONAL CONTACT FORM TO SUPPORT AM RADIO:  https://p2a.co/fTcWN8G TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Vote yesterday to hold Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress Biden pushing lawsuits against firearm manufacturer Biden adult grandchildren children traveling with Biden for the summit in Italy – nice family vacation Inflation holds steady, FED saying no… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – JUNE 13, 2024

Welcome to He Said, She Said with Jeff and Mimi Crouere! On tonight’s show, Jeff and Mimi discuss White House Left Open Possibility for Hunter’s Sentence Commutation House Holds AG Garland in Contempt Biden’s Net Approval Rating Lowest of Any President on Record: 37.6% No Rate Cuts for Federal Reserve; Expects 1 Before End of… Continue Reading HE SAID, SHE SAID – JUNE 12, 2024

On this episode of Health Connection with Susan Bernacker, special Leeann Billings, Author of “Mold: The War Within” joins the show. LeeAnn tells the story of a family exposed to Molds and Toxins after Hurricane Katrina and more.

Today is National Crabmeat Au Gratin day.  Where is your favorite?  Sal n Judy’s, Annunciation, Steak Knife, and the old fashioned one at the Bon Ton come to mind.

Today on The Kristian Garic Show: Joe Biden has truly stunning remarks about gun control. Joey Chestnut endorses vegan hotdogs and gets banned from the fourth of July contest. Authorities nab 8 suspects in three cities with ISIS connections.  All the while the southern border remains wide open. Guests; Brad Slager red state.com, and Derek… Continue Reading THE KRISTIAN GARIC SHOW – JUNE 12, 2024

Today on Real Talk with Revolution, Effie Chaisson  https://therevolutionrealty.com/, Steven Castay, 504-332-5918, scastay@twfg.com  https://www.facebook.com/stevencastaytwfginsurance/ and Nikki D https://dorignacs.com/talk about real estate open houses, and how flood zones dictate the amount of flood insurance you need, and the cost.    

CONGRESSIONAL CONTACT FORM TO SUPPORT AM RADIO: https://p2a.co/fTcWN8G Jeff’s Podcast Ranked #2 in State https://blog.feedspot.com/louisiana_political_podcasts/ TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Hunter Biden verdict – guilty on all counts Democrats blasting Jame Comer Trump campaign says the Hunter Biden case is just a distraction from influence peddling by the Biden crime family Paul Ryan now advising Mike Johnson,… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – JUNE 12, 2024