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CALL IN (504) 556-9696

The Laugh Challenge

Take Your Shot at the $4,300 Grand Prize!

June 9th


New York Pizza

4418 Magazine Street


Join us for The Laugh Challenge in celebration of New York Pizza’s 43rd anniversary!

Here’s how it works:

  • Cost: $10 per participant
  • Each participant will have 20 seconds to try and make New York Pizza owner Wayne del Corral laugh.
  • For $20, you can attempt to make both Wayne and his mother Gail del Corral laugh.
  • Participants are not allowed to touch the del Corrals.
  • If you manage to make Wayne or Gail laugh, you will receive a grand prize of $4,300, $100 for each of the 43 years that New York Pizza has been open.

Proceeds from entry fees will benefit three local non-profit organizations: WGSO Radio, Grace at the Green Light, and Animal Rescue New Orleans.

Wayne and Gail, known as “mechanical models,” have faced some of the world’s best comedians, including Jerry Lewis, Tom Conway, and more. They have even made appearances on televison on programs such as the David Letterman Show, the Bob Hope Special, the Tonight Show, and the Mike Douglas Show.

The del Corrals are aiming for a new world record! If they are able to maintain their composure and withstand the jokes of 250 people over the span of nine hours, they will qualify for a brand new Guinness World Record!

Don’t miss your chance to win the grand prize while supporting a worthy cause. See you there!