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New Orleans Today March 23,2024

Written by on March 23, 2024

Today Mitch and his Guest talk about:

Guerry Smith with the Morning Advocate… NCAA Men’s College Basketball March Madness and who’s going to make it to the finals.

Alabama looks promising…

Kevin Kilroy of the Fairgrounds Racetrack…They talk about the Louisiana Derby today; they discuss what horses look promising for wins and

qualify for the Kentucky Derby. Most of the horses running today are the real legitimate contenders for the Kentucky Derby…

They discuss promising looking picks.

Hank Allen with WGNO TV…Hank and Mitch discuss NCAA Men’s College Basketball…; they talk about the College drafting process and that teams are lacking cohesiveness that comes with players working together for several seasons… what is happening is that players are coming in to play for just one season, then they go…Because of this, there is a sense of mediocrity amoungst some of the College Basketball teams.

Glenn Guilbeau of Outkick.com… they continue the discussion of NCAA Men’s College Basketball; in particular “One and Done” and the NIL..

They discuss the quality of play along with the Blue Bloods and the Cinderella’s.

Hour Two….

Bruce Levine, Radio Analysts for the Dallas Stars…

Mitch and Bruce discuss the National Hockey League; who are the best teams and how they are doing.

They also discuss the New Orleans Saints playing the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas.

Charles Hanagriff with LSU/ESPN…building the team roster in lieu of the transfer portal and the NIL…

Players can now make money playing College Basketball…

Hunter Dawkins with Gazette Gazebo…Mitch and Hunter discuss NCAA Men’s College Basketball…

They discussed how the game has changed a bit, in lieu of the fact that players can have endorsements and make money.