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On today’s show, Mitch Gibbs first hour guest is Jenny Hamilton with the New Orleans Ballet Association, Kenn Barnes and Hank Allen with WGNO-TV.  In the 2nd hour, Mitch is joined by Lisa McKenzie with Night Out at the Hilton Downtown Riverside, Charles Hanagriff with LSU, Guerry Smith with the Advocate and Glenn Gilbeau with […]

Mitch Gibbs guest today are Bryan Salmon with KSNV, Hank Allen with WGNO-TV,  Bret Calhoun (horse trainer) in the first hour, Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser,  Glenn Gilbeau (, Guerry Smith with the Advocate, Mark Romig (Caesar Superdome Announcer for the Saints) in the second hour, John Hendrix with Sports Illustrated, Les East (Saints Journalist) and […]

Today on In The Redzone, Mitch Gibbs preview’s tonight’s matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins.   Mitch’s guests today are: Guerry Smith, from the AP, Ashley Morse, from the Hilton Hotel, Steve Wyche from NFL network, Dave Weaver, from TVG Hank Allen from WGNO, John Hendrix from Sports Illustrated

On today’s show, Mitch Gibbs speaks with Harold Graeter, the director of the Autozone Liberty Bowl, Les East and the Saints-Bucs game, Bret Martel (Saints-Bucs), Gordy Rush (LSU Football), John Hendrix with Sports Illustrated( Saints-Bucs) and Guerry Smith (Advocate) New Orleans Bowl and the ULL Ragin Cajuns.

On today’s show, Mitch talks to Dr. Steve Price with Home for the Holidays, Sonny Lee with Son of a Saint, Evelyn Benoit (Horse Race owner) Glenn Gilbeau with Outkick, Hank Allen with WGNO-TV, Martin Black (LSU), Joseph with Delta Ballet, Jay Cicero with the Greater Sports Foundation and John Hendrix.

Welcome to In The Redzone with your host Mitch Gibbs! Mitch is talking about this week’s Saint’s game plus other NFL & College football news. Today’s game: New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys!   Special Guests: 1) Mike Triplett with ESPN 2) Glenn Gilbeau with 3) Jordy Culotta from LSU Radio 4) Kristen Stewart […]

On today’s show, Mitch talks to Mike Triplett with ESPN, John Hendrix with Sports Illustrated, John Dooley with the Fairgrounds, Keith Claverie with City Park, Taylor Biscotti with the NFL Network, Chelsea Gallo with LPO and Greg Lambousy with the Jazz Museum.  

On today’s show, your host Mitch Gibbs’ guests are: Former LSU basketball coach, John Brady, WGNO meteorologist Hank Allen,  Mary Spain from Beau Rivage, Mark Slessinger,  UNO Basketball Coach, Guerry Smith  from the AP and The Advocate, Les East, freelance journalist, Gordy Rush from LSU, Glen Gilbeau from Outkick,com, and John Hendrix  from Sports Illustrated.

On today’s show, Mitch Gibbs speaks with Charles Hanagriff with LSU Radio, Guerry Smith with the Advocate, Robert Forbeck with Daily Racing.Scoop, John Hendrix with Sports Illustrated, Hank Allen with WGNO-TV and Jeannette Bankes with Global Surgical Franchise.

Mitch’s guest for the In the Redzone are Erin Holmes Hank Allen, Martin Black, Guerry Smith, Councilman Sam Davis from Atlanta, Charles Hanagriff, Danny Brewer, Glenn Gilbeau, John Hendrix, Foxsports reporter Rob Parker and Eric Richey. Mitch talks the Saints loss to the Falcons and the search for a new head coach for LSU.

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