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Written by on February 16, 2022

WGSO AM 990 – Streams, Broadcasts and Archives “MARITIME MATTERS” on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7 pm to 8 pm CST. Eric is a Veteran TV, Cable TV, Radio, Internet, and Podcast Host w/ countless Show Host Hours, over the past several decades, appearing on Genesis Communications Network, Republic Broadcasting Network, Time Warner and more.
Tonight, Eric’s guest is Val Lapin, from the band Bratana.  Val is originally from the Ukraine and has since become an American Citizen.  He shares his unique perspective through his music. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=_ACBbZyKmSo&list=RDAMVM_ACBbZyKmSo   
Following are some of his lyrics.
Sorry I was wrong in all possible ways,
Tell me I’m a joke and I’m wasting my days,
Don’t u even dare ripping out,
Leave it on its own let it bleed,
Stranded on the island that’s my empty place,
Hounted by the wind and the lines of your face,
Silence falls when I try to shout,
Shuttered hope rolls down to your feet
So break me destroying invisible drawing,
The colors connecting you and me into one,
Yes smash it no mercy with passion enforcing,
So we won’t reverse it when the distruction is done
Having me some turf I could claim on my tous,
Sorry if it feels like I’m one of your foes,
Falling trees have no ententions ,
Sometimes I am loosing the clue,
I never meant to hurt you but know it’s my fault,
Yes your bleeding wound I have covered with salt,
I could never fix what I’ve broken,
But I still am dying for u
Kill Puppets

I sign up for my country and my family,
Not no government bulshit or bureaucracy,
They got me out here taking out the enemy,
But who I’m killing for ain’t no fuckin friend to me,
I’m on the front line feeling like a puppet,
All those that run the world you can suck it,
Coming home with that ptsd,
Aside from that there ain’t much left of me
And it’s on time to wait is over now,
Tomohoks are burning the alien ground,
Drums of war calling us to attack we will shoot to kill so rules that clown , fucking clown.
The light the sky the sea at night,
The land is hundreds of miles away,
We wait on stand by we pray,
Who cares we are the kill puppets files
Some Jack to sip some pills to trip,
Before the night burns with the fire,
Forget the past deploying fast,
We are the kill puppets to the liar
Stepp of the Spoilbanks

The greedy showdows are spewing their lies,
The roaring bear with the burning red eyes,
Revolution cry freedom with the twist,
The build up pressure and the rotten top,
The water’s boiling I know they won’t stop,
I won’t take either side keep me off the list
The smoke dissipates and the steppe of the spoilbanks’s the stage of the bloodline war,
My brothers wait readying at me their tanks,
Igor to see the gore
Their children are gonna live under ground,
They’ll shake on the inside from explosive sound,
Suffering abound that’s how we win the war
The ones who started are not gonna loose,
They order fire big money will choose,
My home’s a hip of bricks, where’s my family,
My ears are ringing I smell burning flesh,
Inside this nightmare of blood and the trash,
My girl was a loving kid, I’m joining Somali