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Written by on October 12, 2023

Huck and Dave on elections two days before elections in Louisiana.

Martha Huckabay’s Candidates. John Schorder for Governor, Bill Nungesser FOR LT. Governor, Brandon Trosclair FOR Louisiana Secretary of State, Scott McNight FOR LA. Treasurer and endorsed by LA. Treasurer John Schroder and Attorney General Liz Murill is the establishment’s favorite, which is concerning. She has been working closely with AG Jeff Landry who receives Millions from trial lawyers. into PROTECT THE CHILDREN PAC, but refused to protect #jusctiseforchasela in August 2018. if you looking to avoid establishment vote FOR Marty Malry.

Dominick Impastato FOR Jefferson Parish City Council.

VOTE RINO Scott Walker OUT! Scott Walker is for Lockdowns, Mask mandates, and forced COVID poisonous jabs on the school Schedule with RINO Cynthia Lee Sheng. Scott Walker closed three of the four doors to his donut shop. Forcing everyone to walk through the same door. He then accused local woman Martha Huckabay of spreading COVID because she refused to wear a mask. Mrs, Huckabay was medically exempt according to JBE Proclamation 89 2020.

Melinda Bourgeois FOR Jefferson Parish City Council.


Tim Templet FOR Jefferson Parish City Council AT Large.

Templet’s opponent Jennifer Van Vrencken is termed out. She running for At Large. The problem we see is Jennifer Van Vrencken contracted a 10 years to pay for the millions of dollars BIKE project on Severn. Jefferson Parish residents do not like the bike project. Several Cars were damaged because they didn’t see the cement wall separating the bike path. Also, residents say bikes are NEVER on the path. It’s not looking good for Van Vrancken. Why didn’t Van Vrencken check with the residents before signing Jefferson Parish up to the AGENDA 30 globalist project? https://www.jennvanv.com/

Charles Marsala Representative FOR District #94. Get RINO Stephine Hilferty out!

Mike Sigur Representative FOR District #92 https://www.mikesigur.com/ His opponent is RINO Joe Stagni. Get Stangi out!

Kathy Edmonston Representative FOR District #88 https://www.kathyforlouisiana.com/

Timothy Kerner FOR Senate seat District #8. https://www.timkernerjr.com/

His opponent is Paul Connick whose voting record proves he’ is selling the people out over there in the west bank. Get the RINO out!

Valerie Hodges FOR Senate District #13 https://www.valariehodgesforsenate.com/

Ray Garafalo FOR Senate District #1.   https://votegarofalo.com/

Today’s guest is from Guatemala.

Giovanni Fratti with Imortal Guatemala. Why is Guatemala on fire? Why are the liberals burning Guatemala down and blocking roads?