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Ringside Politics

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TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Louisiana Gubernatorial debate this week – Jeff Landry not participating Vivek Ramaswamy says he will vote for Trump even if he is convicted if he is the Republican nominee Bank records prove Biden family received $20 million, yet no investigation, no media attendtion Whistleblowers continue to give evidence against Hunter, nothing matters… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – SEPTEMBER 5, 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Mitch McConnel cleared by Capital Doctor Inflation still high – halmark of Bidenomnics Pentagon studying UFO sightings Electric Cars prices down in UK Judge rules Trump trial will be televised Press secretary says Biden has done more than anyone else to secure the border Trump supporters get 17 years in the Jan… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – SEPTEMBER 1, 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS DeSantis leading hurricane recovery in Florida Latest Biden scandal – VP Biden attended dinner with Hunter and business associates resulted in Hunter getting a big check Trump numbers out – campaign raised over $20 million in August Mitch McConnel froze again yesterday at a press conference   RADIO SHOW GUESTS 8:33 a.m.… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – AUGUST 31, 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Hurricane Idalia makes landfall – half of the State of Florida under state of emergency Republican candidate Mayor of Miami ends presidential campaign New poll shows Trump 30 point lead over Ramaswamy Emails with Biden’s pseudonym in possession of National archives Mounting evidence against Biden for corruption Latest from the war in… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – AUGUST 30, 2023

Today on The Kristian Garic Show: Joe Biden finally returns from yet another vacation, and blathers and stumbles through another speech The left is trying to enact the 14th amendment in order to stop Donald Trump from running for president. Lt. Governor Billy Nunguesser, and Slidell Mayor Greg Cromer join Kristian.

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS 5,000 more emails discovered under Biden’s alias, Trump trial set for day before super Tuesday Vaccine linked to seizures and cancer Nordstrum announcing closing of flagship store in San Francisco due to crime Obama appointed Judge compares Jan 6 to the Boston Marathon bombings 2 1/2 years since January 6 and American… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – AUGUST 29. 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Sholkin says that Hunter was hired for protection of Ukraine New Yorkers protesting migrant camps in residential neighborhoods Homeless population growing in New Orleans Alice Cooper ripped by Rolling Stone for trans kids comments New video from Disney, men in dresses working as fairy godmothers More analysis of the Republican debate  … Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – AUGUST 28, 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Mug Shot taken of President Trump in Georgia Biden administration wants to force us to follow their agenda Democrats continue to persecute Trump, and his numbers continue to go up Double standard is obvious, Trump gets indicted, Biden gets a pass Jeff’s analysis of the Republican debate – Vivek Ramaswamy won Continued… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – AUGUST 25, 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Jeff’s analysis of Republican Debate Tucker Carlson’s interview with Donald Trump – 165 million views Winners and losers in last night’s debate RADIO SHOW GUESTS 8:33 a.m. CT: (Floating) CHADWICK MOORE, REPORTER, TV PERSONALITY, AUTHOR OF TUCKER CARLSON BIOGRAPHY; https://www.chadwickmoore.com/ 9:33 a.m. CT: (Floating) VINCE VANCE, NEW ORLEANS MUSIC ICON; http://www.facebook.com/Vince.Vance.Valiants.HomePage/ For Tickets, contact… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – AUGUST 24, 2023

TODAY’S HOT TOPICS Trump with Tucker Carlson tonight instead of debate Louisiana elections Biden’s vacations Covid hysteria as we get closer to fall – are mask mandates coming soon? Will Americans be as compliant? RADIO SHOW GUESTS 8:33 a.m. CT: (Floating) JOHN SCHRODER, LOUISIANA STATE TREASURER & CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR; https://www.johnschroder.com/ 9:05 a.m. CT: ROSS THOMPSON,… Continue Reading RINGSIDE POLITICS – AUGUST 23, 2023