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Written by on March 20, 2024

Welcome to He Said, She Said with hosts Jeff and Mimi Crouere! On tonight’s show, Jeff and Mimi Croure discuss

1) Democrats are using Trump’s speech against him. They are taking the word “bloodbath” from his speech and saying that he is calling for violence. In reality, he was referring to the automobile industry only.
2) Open borders continue to be a major topic in the presidential race. It is the issue hurting Biden the most.
3) The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the Missouri v. Biden case, which involves the issue of free speech. Hopefully, the justices will rule on the side of freedom.
4) In another court case, the 5th Circuit Court will hear arguments on the Texas law allowing the state to arrest and deport illegal aliens. Since the federal government refuses to act, the state should be allowed to do it.
5) At Tulane, a protester was manhandled by Walter Isaacson, a professor and the student is now filing charges claiming he was mistreated.
6) Isaacson has been a major influence over the last two Mayors of New Orleans and advocated the removal of Robert E. Lee’s monument.