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Wallis is back at the state capitol for another legislative fiscal session.  He believes the state’s unemployment fund should be replenished with one time COVID money from the federal government so the cost doesn’t get passed on to business owners.  Plus more details on three constitutional carry bills on the docket.

Wallis dives into the concealed carry gun laws with a licensed concealed carry gun instructor.   And having that license forces gun owners to know the gun laws and their rights as a gun owner.  Hear about details on the concealed carry classes in louisiana and perhaps some things you may not know about like concealed […]

Wallis has a novel approach to ensure Americans cankeep their freedom & liberties and ensure the practice of good government. GET INVOLVED! And by involeved he means more than just showing up to the polls.  He also explains why participation is so neccessary to get a law passed, or get your manor woman into office,  […]

Wallis tackles the hot topic of immigration as there’s another crisis at U.S.-Mexico border. He’ll speak with an immigration attorney Cynthia Ceballos details what immigration laws are on the books, what the current presidential adminstration is doing to handle immigration and past administration have done.  

Wallis speaks with Claston Bernard, candidate for the 2nd Congressional District of Louisiana. Unfortunately Bernard, for reasons unknown, was unable to take part in the stations debate for the Congressional seat. Bernard discuss how he and his communtiy are being silenced and how he’ll continue to fight for them. Plus how government needs to put […]

Wallis has another question for you: Can we all be conservative regardless of political party affiliation or voting tendencies? And perhaps it’s our values; what’s important to you, that guide us in casting  our ballots.  Throughout the show Wallis lists numerous conservative approaches and practices in our society that truly work.

Wallis tackles cancel culture.  It’s something that has been going on a lot in our country. Im many instances icancel culture erases history and forcing a narrative.  Plus how raising the minimum wage only benefits the governement.  

Wallis asks a burning question: Can Blacks be conservative and not be disconnected from their communitie? Captain Black joins Wallis to discuss the topic and provide that many of the stereotypes, values, associates with being coservative are pushed on society by a polical narravtive. Also that we all are perhaps a little more conservative or […]

William Wallis talks to local immigration attorney Cynthia Ceballos about President Joe Biden’s executive orders on immigration. Ceballos provides incite into each of these orders and how they impact the country, those looking to enter our country, and American citizens.

William Wallis speaks with the Patriot Barbie, Lindsey Graham, who was at out nation’s Capitol building when the riots happened. Graham owns a hair salon and other businesses and has become severly impacted by the pandemic. Now the goverment is going after her for trying to keep her businesses open.  She also tells Wallis about […]

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