William Wallis for America

William Wallis speaks with the Patriot Barbie, Lindsey Graham, who was at out nation’s Capitol building when the riots happened. Graham owns a hair salon and other businesses and has become severly impacted by the pandemic. Now the goverment is going after her for trying to keep her businesses open.  She also tells Wallis about […]

Wallis with an interesting take on tomorrow’s Presidential Inauguration.  Plus a hard look and discussion with Captain Black question all those who voted for President-elect JoeBinden that voted from President Donald Trump the first time around.

William Wallis goes in depth on our 1st Amendment rights in response to Twitter  and other social media outlets banning President Trump.  Are specific thoughts or opinions from certain groups censored?  And a look at how Americans tweets, and opinions are interpreted.

William Wallis dives into the possibility of privatizing certain parts of government to make them more efficient  . He spoke with Louisiana State Senator Conrad Appel, who wrote an editorial on the matter.   https://thehayride.com/2021/01/appel-lsus-shady-utility-contract-mess/

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