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The Kristian Garic Show- March 10, 2023

Written by on March 10, 2023

Semper Fi!  A proud former Marine infantryman, Kristian Garic brings almost two decades of on-air broadcasting experience to his show from 12-2 weekdays on WGSO. A native-born son of New Orleans, LA, Kristian has lived in Europe, the far east, and numerous places in the United States, including Georgia, Kentucky, New York, and the Carolinas. Kristian comes from a military family. He honorably served his time in the Marine Corps during the late ‘90s.  After leaving the Marine Corps, he continued service as a sheriff’s deputy in St. Bernard Parish.


Kristian’s entry into broadcasting began as a volunteer prep reporter, covering Friday night prep football here in southeast Louisiana. He’s covered pro, college, and prep sports for national audiences as well as news, having reported from the field during several major weather events in Louisiana since Katrina. Along the way, he has expanded his broadcast message to include commentary on politics, pop culture, American values, and world events and their impact on the United States. Warning: He is not politically correct!!


A patriot, Kristian fully understands the meaning of  “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” He stands for conservative values, less government, the family, America, and freedom. He speaks plainly, there are no code words in his message!  He’s the proud father of 3 sons, Hunter, Hayden, and Holden.