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Written by on July 12, 2021

Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere

Today’s Hot Topics:

1) Former President Donald Trump bathed in the adulation of an adoring crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference Sunday as he easily won the informal straw poll of attendees when they were asked who they’d like to see run for the White House in 2024.

The political gathering normally serves as an audition for Republican presidential contenders, but the three-day session was yet another example of how Trump has effectively frozen the field more than three years before the next election as he teases another possible run.
Trump accused big tech companies of skewing the votes in the 2020 election through censorship and he chided the press for stating that there is no widespread evidence of voter fraud. He accused the “radical left” of cheating and called the 2020 election “a disgrace to our nation.”
“We are truly being scorned and disrespected all over the world. Never forget that the radical left is not the majority in this country. We are the majority and it’s not even close,” Trump said as the crowd cheered and chanted “USA! USA! USA!”

2) The Republican Party’s unflinching loyalty to former President Donald Trump is facing a fresh test in Oklahoma, where the state GOP chairman has endorsed a primary challenge to Sen. James Lankford, one of the most conservative members of the Senate.

The state chairman, John Bennett, who before securing the top party post in April was best known for anti-Islamic rhetoric and suggesting that Hillary Clinton be executed, is backing Jackson Lahmeyer, a Tulsa pastor and political newcomer, over the incumbent Lankford.

3) Two Ohio mothers spoke out Wednesday morning after their children were expelled from a private school due to the mothers pushing back against critical race theory.

Columbus Academy is denying re-enrollment to several students, alleging that their mothers breached part of their contract by leading a public campaign against the school’s purported attempt to “indoctrinate” students with left-wing ideas.

“I feel like it is unfortunate that when you are speaking out and you are trying to say your truth, unfortunately, there are people who want to retaliate against you. In this case, they retaliated against our children, who are innocent,” Andrea Gross told “Fox & Friends First,” alongside Amy Gonzalez.

4) President Biden believes America’s schoolkids need to learn “not just the good, but also the challenging in our history,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday in response to a question about the movement to teach critical race theory in K-12 schools.

“The president believes that in our history, there are many dark moments, and there is not just slavery and racism in our history, there is systemic racism that is still impacting society today, and he believes, as I believe, as a parent of children, that kids should learn about our history,” Psaki said during her daily press briefing.

“So, as the spouse of an educator, and as somebody who continues to believe that children should learn not just the good, but also the challenging in our history,” she added, “and that’s part of what we’re talking about here even as it’s become politically charged.”

Today’s Guests:

1) Ted Harvey; Chairman of Committee to Defeat the President

2) Chad Rogers, Publisher of TheDeadPelican.com; Ringside Politics All-Star

3) Kevin McGary and Kevin McGary; co-founders of Every Black Life Matters