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Written by on April 12, 2021

Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere

Today’s Hot Topics:

1) The panel on ABC’s This Week got particularly heated over the new Georgia election law, with former New Jersey governor Chris Christie going off on President Joe Biden in particular.

Christie told George Stephanopoulos that Biden’s “broken his own rule” about stating the truth, saying the president is “lying to the American people” about what the law says.

“He’s lying about this bill, he’s lying to the American people about it, to cause the raging fire he said he was going to put out. I’m very disappointed,” Christie added.

2) President Joe Biden signed an executive order establishing a “Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States”.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the commission and ‘court-packing’. Psaki confirmed that, among other things, packing the court was under consideration.

3) The 10-year-old had been lost for hours — crying and shaking as he wandered a vast scrubland— when he saw the Border Patrol officer.

“Can you help me?” the boy asked between sniffles.

The agent recorded the interaction, which was widely shared on the Internet, seen by many as a glimpse into the desperation of unaccompanied children arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border.

4) Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Sunday admitted he lied about the number of jobs Joe Biden’s “infrastructure” bill would create.

Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure bill only spends about $157 billion on roads, bridges and airports.

It’s another con job by Democrats.

Last Sunday Buttigieg falsely claimed Biden’s gargantuan “infrastructure” bill that has nothing to do with infrastructure, would create 19 million jobs.

Today’s Guests:

1) LA State Senator Sharon Hewitt (R-Slidell) – calls in the first hour to discuss the state of politics in the stae of Louisiana as well as the nation at large.

2) Chad Rogers, Publisher of TheDeadPelican.com; Ringside All-Star – joins the show to take callers and share his unique, pessimistic outlook on the future.