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Holy n’ Patriotic Jambalaya

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Holy N’ Patriotic Jambalaya discusses why Louisiana has the worst insurance rates in the country. Candidate David Cougle St. Tammany Parish council.

Tonight, on Holy N’ Patriotic Jambalaya. talks everything political

Tonight on Holy n Patriotic Jambalaya, your hosts John Swisher “The Flaming Conservative” and Mike Silva, will be talking about his 12 Step Program, from Celebrate Recovery https://www.celebraterecovery.com/.  Second half of the program will be about new Speaker of The House, Mike Johnson      

Holy N’ Patriotic Jambalaya welcomes LT Governor Billy Nungesser.

TONITE ON HOLY AND PATRIOTIC JAMBALAYA: John Swisher, co-host Mike Silva, and guests host Martha Huckabay discuss: The upcoming Louisiana State Elections, the candidates, and the issues… Their Guests are: Louisiana State Treasurer and Candidate for Governor, John Schroeder Candidate for Louisiana State Senate, District Two, Chris Delpit

Tonight, on Holy N’ Patriotic Jambalaya Flaming Conservatives, Mike Silva, and Martha Hucakbay speak Mayor of Slidell Greg Cromer Candidate for St. Tammy Parish President.

Holy N’ Patriotic Jambalaya with John Swisher. Join John as he discusses his political views. Special guest will include Brandon Trosclair candidate for secretary of state and Christopher alexander with Lacag

Tonight, on Holy N Patriotic Jambalaya with John Swisher and Mike Silva, they will both be discussing the Hunter-Biden Indictments and other political issues.

Holy N Patriotic Jambalaya with John Swisher Special guest LT. Governer Billy Nungesser calls in along with Adrian Bruneaux gives John an update about what is going on in Hawaii.

Holy N’ Patriotic Jambalaya with John Swisher Welcomes Adrian Bruneaux. He will be discussing his visit in Hawaii Go to http://usdrc.net also check out http://gocajunnavy.com for more information.