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Esteemed radio host & executive Walter Sabo, also known as Walter M. Sterling, is your host and lead storyteller for Sterling on Sunday.

Walter M. Sterling

Sterling on Sunday is a mix of lifestyle, entertainment, and social conversation that draws large audiences because his shows & topics resonate on a personal level with his listeners.

Topics include the type of stories two best friends might discuss. Listeners appreciate conversations about family, celebrity nonsense, trouble with neighbors, coping with the kids at school and why things go wrong at work. The other stuff in life.

Sterling is a gifted showman whose opinions and stories reveal a quirky twist.

Walter says, “What two friends talk about is not trivial, it’s a very big deal. That’s why Sterling on Sunday transitions listeners into the week with conversation about troubles at work, celebrity gossip, and why the engine light never goes out. The audience is highly engaged and very diverse — from young parents who only have alone time later in the day, to medical professionals on their way to work, and other shift workers and late-nighters.”

Another fan favorite in the show are the Florida Stories, which are delivered twice in each show by creator James Parker. James finds the most insane news stories in the Moonshine state, which are surefire entertainment.

He also gets close to major stories, with reporting from inside Ukraine during the Russian invasion, and on the ground in Florida during hurricanes.

Walter M. SterlingWalter has three very young daughters who will want to go to college and weddings paid for, so you know he’s highly motivated to make his radio show a hit.

Sterling on Sunday is heard on big deal stations like KMOX St. Louis, WPHT Philadelphia, WMAL Washington, DC, KMBZ FM Kansas City, KDKA Pittsburgh, and 80+ more. ALL of the show clearances are LIVE across the country. No best-of’s or repeats, ever.

Never miss breaking news, with Sterling on Sunday … always fresh, and always live.

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