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Stay Safe NOLA

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Welcome to Stay Safe NOLA with host, J.C. Smith!

J.C. Smith has led a distinguished career spanning multiple sectors,
demonstrating a commitment to service, leadership, and innovation. He began his
professional journey in law enforcement and Military Service where he honed his
skills in public safety, community service as well as developing a strong
foundation in discipline, strategic thinking, and teamwork. He served as a
Detective with JPSO as well as patrol and detective roles with other departments.
Following his tenure in law enforcement, J.C. served with honor in the United
States Marine Corps (USMC), where he developed a strong foundation in
discipline, strategic thinking, and teamwork.
J.C. entered the security industry, where he has made significant contributions
over the years. His diverse experience encompasses all facets of the industry,
from hands-on technical roles to high-level management positions. J.C.'s roles
have ranged from technician to Branch Manager, giving him a comprehensive
understanding of the field.
Throughout his career, J.C. has been involved in technology, sales, and
management, leveraging his extensive background to drive growth and
innovation. His leadership and expertise have been instrumental in enhancing
security protocols and implementing advanced technological solutions. J.C.
Smith's multifaceted career reflects his dedication to protecting and serving
others, as well as his ability to adapt and excel in dynamic environments.
This is J.C.’s return to WGSO where he was the Host of The Bayou Sportsman
Show which he had started in the late 1980’s at a station in Houma, La. He
decided to change directions and provide a show covering Crime and Safety
Topics to keep the citizens of New Orleans informed and provide them with
information on how to Stay Safe. Along with his extensive background in law
enforcement and security, J.C. has also been a Firearms Instructor since the mid
1980’s and is also certified as an instructor with the Louisiana State Board of
Private Security Examiners.

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