NOLA Town Bible Study

Roland Creson begins the Book of Romans chapter one and shares his believe that America is the kingdom God was telling Abraham about.

Roland finshes up in the Book of Acts and recaps last weekend’s celebrations for Christians and Jews.  Plus a preview where he’ll be readinf from for the weeks ahead since completign the Book of Acts.

Break open the Good Book! Nola Town Bibile Study is live on the air! Roland is reading out of the Book of Acts, chapter 24. Also Roland speaks with Sarah Zagorski of Louisiana Right to Life about a special screening of the Roe v. Wade movie tomorrow at 7pm at Victory Church, 5708 Airline Highway. […]

Roland starts In Laviticus 23 and continues inwith scripture on the Passover meal. Roland also talks about the the upcoming Seder meal for his friends of the Jewish faith and how more Christians are participating in the Passover meal.

Roland Creson picks back up in the Book of Acts chapter 23. Plus he also shares a prayer from a popular movie which inspires a a prayer of his own to rid the world of the coronavirus.  

Tonight Roland reads from the Book of Acts, starting with Chapter 19.  Grab your Bible and follow along. Roland shares one of he’s pet peeves; the vers Romans chapter 1:16 that is often misused.

Roland returns after a bout with pneumonia.  He back and healthy . Roland begins in the Book of Acts, chapter 15.

Roland reads out of the Book of Acts starting with chapter 10.

Roland reads from  the Book of Acts.Tune in and follow along.

Roland will be reading out of the Book of Acts, beginning Chapter 3. Also some news from one of his favorite preachers, Sharon Bolan Ministries

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